How to Clean a Toilet

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hard-water-1Cleaning a toilet is very important task for the household to spend a healthy and active life. Dirty toilet causes bad smell and produce a number of germs in it that may harm you and your family. The process of cleaning toilet is often postponed, but it is essential part of the house cleaning. In order to clean your toilet, you should use the top  toilet cleaner.make sure the best toilet like in to reduce your time in cleaning and have the best result

So prepare yourself to clean the toilet and follow the simple instructions given below:

How to Clean a Toilet step by step  

  • In order to clean your toilet, the first thing you have to do is to remove all the products from the toilet especially from the shelves. It will not only provide ease of cleaning your toilet, but it will also help you to save your products from the harmful material of the toilet cleaner.
  • Before spreading the best toilet cleaner on the floor and the shelves, you should wear gloves on your hands. It will save your hands from the harmful material, but also save your skin from the dirt within the toilet. It is usually advised that you should keep the gloves separately from the other gloves.
  • Wipe all the wet material from the toilet with the help of sponge. It will help you to thoroughly clean the shelves and the floor of the toilet. Use the moisten sponge on the floor and other things placed in the toilet. It will help you to remove the dirt particles from the floor.
  • Now it is the time to apply the best toilet cleaner on the floor, seat of the toilet and other things placed in the toilet. You should apply the cleaner on the rim as well as on the bowl of the toilet. Before applying the cleaner, it is very important to read the instructions. There are some cleaner that works after mixing with water while some work in the pure form.
  • Use brush to scrub the cleaner properly on the floor of the toilet. And leave it for some time.
  • Now flesh toilet and wash the whole toilet with the pure water. It is the final touch to the toilet.
  • At the end, you have to wash the gloves and then place all the products back to the shelves and the floor of the toilet. It is also a good advice, if you clean the products of the toilet before placing them to their original place.

Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag French

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messenger-diaper-bagsall the mom need to have the items necessary for her baby needs like diapers ,clothes,  breast pump and baby bottles and Blankets but to care all of it you need to have the right bag that can feet your needs so we will choice for you the best diaper bags that can make your life easier without letting your baby miss anything

this time we choose for you Skip Hop that was started in 2003 by two parents to create unique, functional and innovative parenting products. As new parents, founders Ellen and Michael Diamant  had a vision of creating products that could make parenting easier, better and in every way fun. And by today, a decade later Skip Hop has created numerous products from diaper bags, nursery, feeding, bath, zoo and toy products of different sizes, shapes and design.  Among the popular products of Skip Hop is the Skip Hop Essential Diaper Bag French. The bag is one of a kind boasting classic and new features of a remarkably contemporary pattern. It has multiple pockets plus compartments for easy organization of diapers, spicy cups, toys, bottles and food; you can also be able to keep your phone, wallet, PDA, keys and many other personalized items in the bag.


downloadThe Duo Diaper bag includes a changing pad for instant convenience, a feature that is common on most Skip Hop Duo diaper bags.  It has magnetic closures for exterior bottle pockets and a relevant zip of the main compartment so as to ensure that everything you put in the bag stays on their places. The bag also has an interior bottle pocket plus other two side pockets for keeping diapers and bottles and other personal items that can be organized out and about. The following are some of the common features of the Duo Essential Diaper bag;

  • Zip closure for the main compartment
  • An adjustable stroller strap plus rolled handles
  • Hangs on a stroller neatly
  • Can hanged over the shoulders
  • Nine pockets plus two other hidden insulated pockets
  • Extra-ordinary durable
  • Strong magnetic closures
  • Measures 13” wide by 13.75” high by 4.25” deep, around 30% more than the original
  • Contrasting lining for easier access
  • Cushioned changing pad
  • Weighs 2.2 pounds


The diaper bag material is very ideal for monogramming but the service isn’t offered by its creators, Skip Hop.  Its original made from polyester, a material that makes it more durable and fascinating.  Its lining and exterior are both made of polyester fabric.  The bag comes in different colors so it’s up to you to choose one that you love.

Origin and Warranty

The bag is made in China but can be shipped within two days time with an option of free shipping by Amazon Prime.   Skip Hop offers a 10-year warranty on bag defects on materials and workmanship but with limitations based on its warranty terms and conditions.  You can also return or exchange the bag within 30 days. The product has a 30 day refund policy less the costs of its shipping. Indeed, it’s considerably safe and cheaper to purchase the diaper bag.


The Skip Hop Duo essential bag has received considerably positive customer reviews. It scored an average of 4.4 out of 5 from 70 reviews at Amazon. Jessica N. called the bag “functional and beautiful but lacks in quality”; while another customer Jerold D has termed it “fashionable and functional” has it gives the convenience and quality required in a diaper bag.

Overall, at $64 the bag is a master piece diaper bag that has all a parent requires

Top Ten Tips for New Moms

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we all know that there is nothing more nice then the feeling of being a mom we all wait for that moment that we hear for the first time the word mom from our new born angel that can turn our life to peace of heaven that time we wait wheel watching the baby growing and achieve what they aim for  but this is all easy the hardest part is how to really take care of them for a new mom having the first baby its more hard then having the second because you will be already well experienced  but for a mommy on the go you will have to adapt to the new timetable first you need to have in your mind that you need to repeat the same thing a lot of time tell you became  totally adapted to do it without problem  so we will help you to passe all that by some tips to follow and your life will be easier

lest start with with some danger that your baby can have so you can avoid :

baby-safety1-be sure when  you put your baby in the bed to sleep on his back using a firm mattress also to not let your baby get trapped be sure that  mattress fits tightly from the side of the crib make sure the crab have nothing can hurt your baby

2-when you are changing the diaper to your baby make sure to put him in a safe place to not let him roll of and fall down always keep your eyes on him make sure that you have the diaper bag next to you to not need that you leave him alone to go to grab it

vannochka-dlya-mladentsa-04(1)3-in bath when you are washing your make sure you use the product and the items  that can not hurt your baby and keep your eyes on him a lot of baby drowned because of that

4- move any heavy staff that can fall down on your baby

5-keep away your baby from the windows or electricity or anything you think that can harm your new born


webmd_rm_photo_of_baby_safety6- use a smoke detector in your house or if you have all ready be sure to change it if its more then 10 years old in case of fire  your baby can be safe

7-keep animal away from your baby at list tell he reach 1 years old  to not have any kind of an-faction





2242W-D8-keep away kids from him some can harm him without they mean it

9-avoid to kiss or to let anyone kiss your newborn when they are sick











10-when you go out be sure to have the best diaper bag and put all what your baby need